Shoot Pontoon, Rules & How to Play Guide

Shoot Pontoon is one of those games that is played by groups of gambling friends or in the pub for big stakes with complete strangers. Here we look at the rules, dealing, hand rankings and how to play.

Shoot pontoon is a real gamblers game that doesn’t require the thinking and strategy you get when playing poker. This makes it appealing and importantly, exciting and fun.

The game is practically the same as blackjack or normal pontoon you would play against the house with the main difference being each player has the chance to be the house or casino when it’s their turn to deal.

Shoot Pontoon Hands & Rankings

  • Pontoon- Ace and any 10, J, Q or K = 21 as in Blackjack
  • 5 Card Trick – 5 Card totalling or less than 21
  • All hands then in numerical order, closest to 21 is the winning hand
  • If dealer and player have the same hand, the dealer wins